What’s happened to Le Physiologiste lately??

I know…I haven’t been around lately. Everything happens very quickly since a couple of weeks. Our little boy is growing up really fast. I think that I have already said it in a previous post, but being a father is an extraordinary experience. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next few months!

In the marvelous world of research, well I didn’t have to occasion to really do research since I’ve returned to work. I have worked on grant proposals, reviewed manuscripts and theses, participated for the first time to a PhD defense as a member of the examination committee, and worked on my grad students’ manuscripts. At the moment, four papers from our group have been submitted for publication in the last few weeks.

By the way, a PhD student I am co-supervising published a very interesting story on the impact of mental work on cardiovascular function in men and women. This manuscript is my first publication as a senior author. Yay! A lot more interesting data from her PhD work has been submitted for publication or is about to be submitted. Stay tuned !

More good news! Maybe that my second publication as a senior author will arrive sooner than later since we’ve just submitted a manuscript for the third round of revision… Almost there… Fingers crossed !

Oh and yes…I knew that it was coming, but my friend Peter Rasmussen and his collaborators published a convincing story about the contamination of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS; a device used to measure brain oxygenation) signal by cutaneous vasoconstriction during administration of norepinephrine…these results are definitely challenging the conclusion of one of my manuscripts… I will blog about this story most likely in September and will try to convince Peter to participate to the exchange.

That’s all for now.



Random thoughts of a new father #2

Dear readers,

Let me continue sharing these new experiences !

  • My wife is a Superwomen (yes, she deserves to be on top of the list again – see Random thoughts of a new father #1);
  • Before having a child, I was “only” aware of the potential impacts of a lack of sleep…now I know :-);
  • A smile from our boy can make us forget about a bad day and a lot more;
  • Exercise is pretty difficult to incorporate to the new routine…even for an exercise physiologist;
  • I did not know that I would enjoy going to bed at 19h30 !!

More to come later !


Random thoughts of a new father #1

Hello dear readers!

I know, it has been a while since my last post! If you don’t know, I am now the proud father of a boy. He keeps us busy but this is definitely the most amazing experience of my young life.

I have been on paternity leave since the beginning of March and the last couple of weeks have been dedicated to this little boy and science has been placed on hold. I thought it would be fun to share some experiences of this new life…

  • My wife is a Superwomen;
  • There is a life outside scientific research;
  • When someone warns you to sleep before having a child, JUST LISTEN TO HIM;
  • A young child is not that predictable..this could sometimes be tricky for a scientist;
  • Scientific papers are not the only literature that exists.

That’s it for now…more to come later!


Official countdown

The official countdown has started. We are expecting mini-physiologiste in less than a month now ! In the beginning of March, our life will definitely change!

Three more grant proposals to write…two more classes to teach…a couple of manuscripts to submit…and then my priorities won’t be the same anymore!