Are you writing letters to the editor?

I have already discussed that issue in previous posts (here and here). Now that we have access to social media to discuss science, does the submission of letters to the editor is still worth?  Should we take more of our time to scan the literature related to our area of expertise and be active in post-publication discussion through the official route ? Or should we simply write posts on our respective blog or comments on twitter? Personally, I find unfortunate the fact that after having worked several months/years on a study and published a manuscript, I cannot further discuss the paper (response to a letter to the editor or ecomment) after its publication…

Are you writing letters to the editor ?

If the answer is no, why?

If the answer is yes, why?



New blog ! Come say hello !

If you want to practice your French, I invite you to follow my new blog where I will talk about my daily life as a university professor and researcher in physiology, including anything that may influence my professional activities.

Today, I am discussing what drives me to discuss my daily life as a professor/researcher

I hope to see many of you … and read your comments in French 🙂

Come say hello !

Upcoming weeks

We are still waiting for mini-physiologiste to arrive ! We hope that it will be a matter of hours… You can imagine that the upcoming weeks will be quiet at Le Physiologiste. Still, I will try to highlight, once in a while, physiology news/issues/papers that could be of interest to you dear readers.

Eventually, I would also like, in addition to presenting new research in physiology (including my own research), to discuss landmark studies in integrative physiology (related to VO2max, maximal exercise cardiac output, functional sympatholysis, etc). Indeed, although it is interesting and exciting to look at the latest published results, it is equally important to remember where it all started. For example, one study I have in mind is that one from Andersen and Saltin.

So although it will be quiet for some time, I will prepare interesting posts and should be more active in May !

Science marathon

Last week, it was a great week of science. From Sunday to Saturday, I had over 70 hours of science discussions. It started at the International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology where I was invited as a Chair for one of the talks. This intensive course was a great opportunity to exchange with international students and speakers. I also had the occasion to discuss with colleagues about possible collaborations…and to have dinner with Bengt Saltin !!!! Lucky me !!!

Then, I attended the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology in Quebec city. My colleague Denis Joanisse worked pretty hard to offer such an interesting list of symposia with great speakers ! Grad students presenting posters and free communications were also amazing !

I had the chance to be involved in one symposium entitled: Effects of diabetes on physiological exercise responses and aerobic capacity. With this symposium, we wanted to present interesting data in regards to the influence of diabetes on exercise responses beyond glycemic control.

Following a brief introduction from Chris Baldi, his grad student Michelle Lee presented cool data on pulmonary diffusion limitation during exercise in these patients. Then, her colleague Silmara Gusso from New Zealand, presented here PhD work on the impact of exercise training on cardiac function in young patients with diabetes. I then had the opportunity to present an overview of the impact of diabetes on cerebrovascular physiology and to present unpublished data from an exercise study we did in Copenhagen during my postdoc. Finally, Kristen Nadeau talked about the importance of insulin sensitivity on cardiovascular exercise performance in patients with diabetes.

Now I am exhausted ! But I have millions of ideas !