Program of the International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) – #EB2014

The program of the International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) is now known ! This program is very exciting !! Several world renowned researchers in cerebrovascular physiology will be in San Diego !

Please click on the link below to have a look at the different symposium and titles of posters that will be presented at this meeting.

International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation Final Program

Will you be in San Diego ??


New position

This is the beginning of a new temporary position for me ! Yesterday, I have received my first assignment as handling editor for a manuscript submitted to our research topic about cerebral oxygenation. Several months have passed since our initial proposition of our topic at Frontiers in Physiology. I am looking forward to receiving manuscripts inclusive of original research, methodologies and reviews in this fast moving field of research. This research topic represents a great opportunity to cover different important topics related to cerebral oxygenation in one issue.

I will keep you posted !

More to come…

It has been quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. Well, this last couple of weeks have been crazy!  Most of my time has been dedicated to grant writing and the preparation of my tenure package. I have submitted a first grant app to my Institution in mid-August, a second grant app to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) at the end of August and a third grant app to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) no later than today. In addition, I also had a dangerously approaching deadline for my tenure package submission (September 16th). Well, it has been submitted an hour ago!

Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time to blog…

I will start to live again since the next grant app deadline (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) is in mid-November. In the meantime, I have at least two manuscripts to review, a literature review to write with a colleague and I am about to manage incoming manuscripts related to our research topic for Frontiers in Physiology.

This being said, I am preparing interesting posts related to cerebrovascular physiology and working on a series of posts, with guest bloggers, dedicated to cerebral oxygenation.

The next few weeks should be exciting at Le Physiologiste…stay tuned !


Repost – To review or not to review…manuscripts outside your research expertise?

This is a repost, with minor language modifications, from 2 years back.

I have been initiated pretty early, by my PhD supervisor, to reviewing manuscript. So, I guess it is not surprising that I have reviewed over 100 manuscripts to date.  I have often accepted to review manuscripts not directly related to my area of expertise (as a student, I had more time).

Some months ago, I reviewed such a manuscript… I worked hard and thought that I did a good job, until I received an email from the editor with the decision, including reviews from all referees…

Geez, Reviewer #2 looks like a junior!

Actually, Reviewer #2 was me ! That situation made me think: Should I continue to accept reviewing manuscripts outside my research interests*, now that I am in the beginning of my second year as an assistant professor, with a busier schedule compared to when I was a PhD student ?

What about you, dear readers? Are you accepting to review manuscripts that are not directly in your field of interest?

I am looking forward to reading your comments !


*Since the publication of that post, I started to review fewer manuscripts outside my area of expertise.

What’s happened to Le Physiologiste lately??

I know…I haven’t been around lately. Everything happens very quickly since a couple of weeks. Our little boy is growing up really fast. I think that I have already said it in a previous post, but being a father is an extraordinary experience. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next few months!

In the marvelous world of research, well I didn’t have to occasion to really do research since I’ve returned to work. I have worked on grant proposals, reviewed manuscripts and theses, participated for the first time to a PhD defense as a member of the examination committee, and worked on my grad students’ manuscripts. At the moment, four papers from our group have been submitted for publication in the last few weeks.

By the way, a PhD student I am co-supervising published a very interesting story on the impact of mental work on cardiovascular function in men and women. This manuscript is my first publication as a senior author. Yay! A lot more interesting data from her PhD work has been submitted for publication or is about to be submitted. Stay tuned !

More good news! Maybe that my second publication as a senior author will arrive sooner than later since we’ve just submitted a manuscript for the third round of revision… Almost there… Fingers crossed !

Oh and yes…I knew that it was coming, but my friend Peter Rasmussen and his collaborators published a convincing story about the contamination of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS; a device used to measure brain oxygenation) signal by cutaneous vasoconstriction during administration of norepinephrine…these results are definitely challenging the conclusion of one of my manuscripts… I will blog about this story most likely in September and will try to convince Peter to participate to the exchange.

That’s all for now.


What a relief !!

Dear readers, after an intense period of work on my first operating grant application for CIHR and my first Research Scholar Junior 1 application for FRSQ, I can start breathing again ! Indeed, I have officially (like 10 minutes ago!) submitted my Junior 1 to FRSQ !!! What a relief! As I was writing in my last related post, that was a great experience and hopefully I will have a decent score.

For those completing their own applications, I have a thought for you !!! Keep up the good work !

Grant applications – First experience as a junior researcher

The last couple of weeks (even months!) have been dedicated to grant applications. My first study has been funded, but the grants I received can be considered as minor grants (still I was the PI on those grants). This year, I am going for the home run with submissions to the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR; operating grant) and to the Quebec Research Funds (FRSQ; Research scholar-Junior 1).

At our Institution, a young researcher who has never received funding from, or submitted applications to, major Institutes or Funds has to submit his/her grant to a local mentoring committee before anything else. Individuals evaluating grants on this committee eventually decide if the application can be submitted, or not, to CIHR or FRSQ. Last year, I did the same exercise. Although the application was well written (according to them, not to me :-)), I didn’t have the opportunity to get pilot data, the year before, to support my grant. Consequently, the committee decided that it would be better for me to submit a grant application next year with pilot data.

So here I am this year with pilot data ! Although I had a solid draft revised by my mentoring committee last year, I took several weeks to refine the draft. I also decided not only to submit the grant application to my mentoring committee but also to 2 other researchers outside my field of interest. The application definitely improved (a lot) through this process. I am not overly confident with this submission though. I know too well how hard it is to receive such funding, especially with a first submission ! However, if my application gets a good score, I will be happy. The grant application was submitted to CIHR on September 13th…Fingers crossed now !

This week, I will complete my first Research Scholar (Junior 1) application to FRSQ. This submission is not intended to fund a study but a research program. This application is submitted in French and I had to get through the same process (mentoring committee) as the grant application to CIHR. The deadline for this submission is October 1st. I am looking forward to get through it to finally do some research!

What will I do as soon as I have completed that submission? I have two papers (one paper as first author and one paper as senior author) that need to be resubmitted as soon as possible!!!!