One step forward, two steps back (Part II)

I was still on paternity leave when I received the good news by email:

I got my FRSQ (now FRQS) Research Scholar Junior 1 !

For your information, below is the description of this career award:

“This program is designed to facilitate the recruitment of qualified researchers who would like to begin or continue an independent career in health-care research. The FRSQ hopes in this way to promote continuity in health research in Québec and ensure that high-calibre scientists are available to meet the needs of universities, hospitals and industries”

I will thus be able to start my new research program in cerebrovascular physiology. Yay!

That was the good news…

You already know that I did not get the CIHR’s grant related to that new research program. In addition, my collaborators and I recently (read: in the last two weeks) received negative answers for 5 grant applications submitted to Danone Institute, Canadian Diabetes Assocation and CIHR…



One step forward, two steps back

During the last week of holidays, I received the proof of my last accepted paper. This cheered me up before going back to work. However, at the end of that same week, I received an email from the CIHR telling me that my grant application was ineligible for funding.

As written in a previous post, I was not overly confident with this submission since it was my first one as a PI. Receiving such news still hurts even if it is expected. Unfortunately, this application did not get a good score. So, I am not happy…  This situation will definitely postpone my research activities. The reviewers of my grant application got some good points though. My aim is to submit that application next year following a lot of work… However, I am looking forward to see if I will have enough time to answer all reviewers’ concerns. Indeed, more pilot data are needed…

I will now wait for the FRSQ’s decision regarding my Research Scholar (Junior 1) application.

What a relief !!

Dear readers, after an intense period of work on my first operating grant application for CIHR and my first Research Scholar Junior 1 application for FRSQ, I can start breathing again ! Indeed, I have officially (like 10 minutes ago!) submitted my Junior 1 to FRSQ !!! What a relief! As I was writing in my last related post, that was a great experience and hopefully I will have a decent score.

For those completing their own applications, I have a thought for you !!! Keep up the good work !