Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #91

Migraine and brain blood flow

472- Migraine and cerebral blood flow in the general population – Loehrer et al.

Orthostatic hypotension and the brain

473- Influence of nocturnal and daytime sleep on initial orthostatic hypotension – Lewis et al.

Cerebrovascular regulation

474- Rapid pressure-to-flow dynamics of cerebral autoregulation induced by instantaneous changes of arterial CO2 – Liu et al.

475- Relationship Between Cerebral Blood Flow and Blood Pressure in Long-Term Heart Transplant Recipients – Smirl et al.

476- Cerebral autoregulation is minimally influenced by the superior cervical ganglion in two- week-old lambs, and absent in preterm lambs immediately following delivery – Czynski et al.

Exercise/fitness and the brain

477- Effects of interval training on cognitive functioning and cerebral oxygenation in obese patients: A pilot study – Drigny et al.

478- Improved cerebral oxygenation response and executive performance as a function of cardiorespiratory fitness in older women: a fNIRS study – Albinet et al.

LVAD and the brain

479- Effect of pulsatile and nonpulsatile flow on cerebral perfusion in patients with left ventricular assist devices – Cornwell et al.

Diabetes and the brain

480- Cerebral perfusion in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes – Rusinek et al.

Nitrate and the brain

481- Dietary nitrate facilitates an acetazolamide-induced increase in cerebral blood flow during visual stimulation – Aamand et al.

Cerebrovascular reactivity

482- Factors affecting the determination of cerebrovascular reactivity – Regan et al.


Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #90

Orthostatic tolerance and the brain

462- Impact of hypocapnia and cerebral perfusion on orthostatic tolerance – Lewis et al.

463- Phenylephrine Alteration of Cerebral Blood Flow During Orthostasis; Effect on N-Back Performance in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Medow et al.

Cerebral autoregulation

464- Does the static cerebral autoregulatory plateau have a finite slope in healthy preterm neonates? Toksvang and Berg

465- Dynamic cerebral autoregulation after bed rest: effects of volume loading and exercise countermeasures – Jeong et al.

466- Integrative physiological and computational approaches to understand autonomic control of cerebral autoregulation – Tan and Taylor

467- Arterial pressure above the upper cerebral autoregulation limit during cardiopulmonary bypass is associated with postoperative delirium – Hori et al.

468- Shoulder Surgery in the Beach Chair Position Is Associated with Diminished Cerebral Autoregulation but No Differences in Postoperative Cognition or Brain Injury Biomarker Levels Compared with Supine Positioning: The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Beach Chair Study – Laflam et al.

Exercise and the brain

469- The effect of changes in cerebral blood flow on cognitive function during exercise – Ogoh et al.

470- Acute exercise stress reveals cerebrovascular benefits associated with moderate gains in cardiorespiratory fitness – Brugniaux et al.

Traumatic brain injury

471- Cerebrovascular regulation, exercise, and mild traumatic brain injury – Tan et al.

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #89

Brain autoregulation

452- Baroreflex and Cerebral Autoregulation Are Inversely Correlated – Nasr et al.

453- A comparison of dynamic cerebral autoregulation across changes in cerebral blood flow velocity for 200 s – Müller and Osterreich

454- Static autoregulation in humans: a review and reanalysis –  Numan et al.

455- Monitoring of Cerebral Autoregulation – Czosnyka and Miller

Pre-syncope and the brain

456- Case report: (Pre)syncopal symptoms associated with a negative internal jugular venous pressure – Olesen et al.

Traumatic brain injury

457- Current concepts of optimal cerebral perfusion pressure in traumatic brain injury – Prabhakar et al.

Nitric oxide and the brain

458- Nitric oxide and cerebrovascular regulation – Tabatabaei and Girouard

High altitude and the brain

459- Ventilatory Chemosensitivity, Cerebral and Muscle Oxygenation, and Total Hemoglobin Mass Before and After a 72-Day Mt. Everest Expedition – Cheung et al.

Head/neck/body positioning and the brain

460- Effect of head and neck positioning on cerebral perfusion during shoulder arthroscopy in beach chair position – Salazar et al.

461- Prone Position Is Associated with Mild Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation in Elderly Surgical Patients – Deiner et al.

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #88

Cardiac surgery and the brain

443- A systematic review of cerebral oxygenation-monitoring devices in cardiac surgery – Douds et al.

Hypoxia and the brain

444- Cerebral blood flow response to acute hypoxic hypoxia – Harris et al.

Brain reactivity to carbon dioxide

445- Cerebrovascular Reactivity to Carbon Dioxide Under Anesthesia: A Qualitative Systematic Review – Mariappan et al.

446- Measuring cerebrovascular reactivity: what stimulus to use? Fierstra et al.

447- Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reactivity during Resting State Breathing and Its Correlation with Cognitive Function in Hypertension – Hajjar et al.

Cardiopulmonary bypass and the brain

448- The impact of haemodilution and bypass pump flow on cerebral oxygen desaturation during cardiopulmonary bypass – A comparison of two systems of cardiopulmonary bypass – Bennett et al.

Diabetes and the brain

449- Cerebral hemodynamics and systemic endothelial function are already impaired in well-controlled type 2 diabetic patients, with short-term disease – Palazzo et al.

Exercise and the brain

450- Cerebral volumetric changes induced by prolonged hypoxic exposure and whole-body exercise – Rupp et al.

Blood pressure and the brain

451- Fundamental relationships between blood pressure and cerebral blood flow in humans-  Tzeng et al.

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #87

Sepsis and the brain

436- Transcranial Doppler to assess sepsis-associated encephalopathy in critically ill patients – Pierrakos et al.

Cardiovascular disease and the brain

437- The Synergistic Effects of Anxiety and Cerebral Hypoperfusion on Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Adults With Cardiovascular Disease – Alosco et al.

Brain monitoring

438- Cerebral blood flow velocity underestimates cerebral blood flow during modest hypercapnia and hypocapnia – Coverdale et al.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage and the brain

439- Bilateral Failure of Cerebral Autoregulation is Related to Unfavorable Outcome After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – Budohoski et al.

Preeclampsia and the brain

440- Cerebral Oximetry Assessed by Near-Infrared Spectrometry During Preeclampsia: An Observational Study: A Preliminary Study of the Impact of Magnesium Sulfate Administration – Guerci et al.

Vasopressors and the brain

441- Differing effects when using phenylephrine and norepinephrine to augment cerebral blood flow after traumatic brain injury in the immature brain – Friess et al.

Exercise and the brain

442- Evidence Cerebral Blood-Flow Regulation Mediates Exercise-Cognition Links in Healthy Young Adults – Guiney et al.

News from our research topic on cerebral oxygenation #15

Another update regarding our research topic on cerebral oxygenation.

The last three papers (#16 to 18) of our research topic now available at Frontiers in Physiology !

Ventilatory strategy during liver transplantation: implications for near-infrared spectroscopy-determined frontal lobe oxygenation by Henrik Sørensen, Hilary Grocott, Mads Niemann, Allan Rasmussen, Jens Hillingsø, Hans Frederiksen and Niels Secher

Cerebral hemodynamics during graded Valsalva maneuvers by Blake Perry, James Cotter, Gaizka Mejuto, Toby Mündel and Sam Lucas

Preserved frontal lobe oxygenation following calcium chloride for treatment of anesthesia-induced hypotension by Carl-Christian Kitchen, Peter Nissen, Niels Secher and Henning Nielsen

Go have a look!

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #85

Diabetes and the brain

425- Combined effects of type 2 diabetes and hypertension associated with cortical thinning and impaired cerebrovascular reactivity relative to hypertension alone in older adults – Tchistiakova et al.

Exercise and the brain

426- Electromyographic, cerebral, and muscle hemodynamic responses during intermittent, isometric contractions of the biceps brachii at three submaximal intensities – Bhambhani et al.

High altitude and the brain

427- Cerebral Blood Flow at High Altitude – Ainslie and Subudhi

Hypercapnia and the brain

428- The effect of hypercapnia on static cerebral autoregulation – Perry et al.

Caudal block and the brain

429- Reduction of cerebral mean blood flow velocity and oxygenation after high-volume (1.5 ml kg-1) caudal block in infants – Lundblad et al.

Water immersion and the brain

430- The Impact of Water Immersion during Exercise on Cerebral Blood Flow – Pugh et al.

Coronary artery bypass surgery and the brain

431- Attenuation of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow During Memory Processing After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – Badgaiyan et al.