Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #89

Brain autoregulation

452- Baroreflex and Cerebral Autoregulation Are Inversely Correlated – Nasr et al.

453- A comparison of dynamic cerebral autoregulation across changes in cerebral blood flow velocity for 200 s – Müller and Osterreich

454- Static autoregulation in humans: a review and reanalysis –  Numan et al.

455- Monitoring of Cerebral Autoregulation – Czosnyka and Miller

Pre-syncope and the brain

456- Case report: (Pre)syncopal symptoms associated with a negative internal jugular venous pressure – Olesen et al.

Traumatic brain injury

457- Current concepts of optimal cerebral perfusion pressure in traumatic brain injury – Prabhakar et al.

Nitric oxide and the brain

458- Nitric oxide and cerebrovascular regulation – Tabatabaei and Girouard

High altitude and the brain

459- Ventilatory Chemosensitivity, Cerebral and Muscle Oxygenation, and Total Hemoglobin Mass Before and After a 72-Day Mt. Everest Expedition – Cheung et al.

Head/neck/body positioning and the brain

460- Effect of head and neck positioning on cerebral perfusion during shoulder arthroscopy in beach chair position – Salazar et al.

461- Prone Position Is Associated with Mild Cerebral Oxygen Desaturation in Elderly Surgical Patients – Deiner et al.


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