Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #88

Cardiac surgery and the brain

443- A systematic review of cerebral oxygenation-monitoring devices in cardiac surgery – Douds et al.

Hypoxia and the brain

444- Cerebral blood flow response to acute hypoxic hypoxia – Harris et al.

Brain reactivity to carbon dioxide

445- Cerebrovascular Reactivity to Carbon Dioxide Under Anesthesia: A Qualitative Systematic Review – Mariappan et al.

446- Measuring cerebrovascular reactivity: what stimulus to use? Fierstra et al.

447- Assessment of Cerebrovascular Reactivity during Resting State Breathing and Its Correlation with Cognitive Function in Hypertension – Hajjar et al.

Cardiopulmonary bypass and the brain

448- The impact of haemodilution and bypass pump flow on cerebral oxygen desaturation during cardiopulmonary bypass – A comparison of two systems of cardiopulmonary bypass – Bennett et al.

Diabetes and the brain

449- Cerebral hemodynamics and systemic endothelial function are already impaired in well-controlled type 2 diabetic patients, with short-term disease – Palazzo et al.

Exercise and the brain

450- Cerebral volumetric changes induced by prolonged hypoxic exposure and whole-body exercise – Rupp et al.

Blood pressure and the brain

451- Fundamental relationships between blood pressure and cerebral blood flow in humans-  Tzeng et al.


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