Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #79

Vasopressors and the brain

393- Cerebral blood flow is determined by arterial pressure and not bypass flow rate – Schwartz (letter to the editor regarding article #154 of article alert #35)

Brain monitoring

394-Comparison of 4 near-infrared spectroscopy devices show that they are only suitable for monitoring cerebral oxygenation trends in preterm infants – Schneider et al.

Obesity and the brain

395- The effects of obesity on the cerebral vasculature – Dorrance et al.

Brain autoregulation

396- Assessing cerebrovascular autoregulation from critical closing pressure and resistance area product during upright posture in aging and hypertension – Robertson et al.

Cardiovascular disease and the brain

397- Cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease: So near, so far – Picano et al.

Ventilation and the brain

398- Effect of ventilation on cerebral oxygenation in patients undergoing surgery in the beach chair position: a randomized controlled trial – Murphy et al.






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