Great time in San Diego #xBio

I had the opportunity to attend Experimental Biology from April 26 to 30. What a great conference. Since the beginning of my graduate studies, although I have attended other interesting meetings (I am think about the ACSM‘s meetings in particular), I have always had that strange feeling that the results I was presenting were not the best fit for those meetings.

I definitely think that I have found the perfect meeting for me and my students to present our work (I have also attended EB2013 in Boston). This year was special though. Indeed, the fourth international meeting of CARNet was held in association with Experimental Biology 2014, sponsored by the American Physiological Society. Two full days of cerebrovascular physiology! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The symposium related to the Autonomic and other control of the cerebral circulation was my personal favorite.

I have to congratulate people in charge of the program. Rong Zhang, Phil Ainslie, Kevin Shoemaker, Jorge Serrador, Shieak Tzeng, Ronney Panerai, Jurgen Claassen and Caroline Rickards being in the same place at the same time…that was just great.

I should post some pictures of our poster session soon.

Overall, I have learned a lot…and I have a few ideas for new studies…just need the money now 🙂


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