Getting ready for #xBio 2014 !

Experimental Biology is approaching ! I am looking forward to meet and chat with old friends, new friends, collaborators and future collaborators ! We have so much to talk about…the last few months have been really interesting in terms of cerebrovascular physiology !

Again, have a look at the exciting program from the International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARnet):

On a related note, we received our posters today !

My grad student Myriam will present a poster entitled Influence of dynamic cerebral autoregulation on presysncope in endurance athletes

I will present a poster entitled Middle cerebral artery mean flow velocity changes to non-pharmacologically induced hypertension and hypotension in humans

I am thinking of using this space to present and discuss results from Experimental Biology…Do you think it would be a good idea?

Are you attending EB2014 and interested in discussing your science here ? Just let me know !

See you in San Diego !


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