Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #67

Brain monitoring

332- Transcranial Doppler after traumatic brain injury: is there a role? Bouzat et al.

333- Transcranial Doppler to Measure Cerebral Blood Flow in Delirium Superimposed on Dementia. A Cohort Study – Caplan et

Hyperthermia and the brain

334- Effects of short-term environmental hyperthermia on patterns of cerebral blood flow. – Qian et al.

Nitrite and the brain

335- Role of nitrite in regulation of fetal cephalic circulation in sheep – Truong et al.

Vasopressors and the brain

336- Assessing the effects of norepinephrine on single cerebral microvessels using optical-resolution photoacoustic microscope – Liu et al.

Exercise and the brain

337- Is recovery driven by central or peripheral factors? A role for the brain in recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise – Minett and Duffield


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