Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #63

Maximal apnea and the brain

316- Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation Is Acutely Impaired during Maximal Apnoea in Trained Divers – Cross et al.

Diabetes and the brain

317- Cerebral neovascularization in diabetes: implications for stroke recovery and beyond – Ergul et al.

Sleep and the brain

318- The Role of Sleep in Emotional Brain Function – Goldstein and Walker

Brain injury

319- Eubaric hyperoxia: controversies in the management of acute traumatic brain injury – Narotam

Therapeutic hypothermia and the brain

320- Cerebral tissue oxygen saturation during therapeutic hypothermia in post-cardiac arrest patients – Meex et al.

321- NIRS during therapeutic hypothermia: cool or hot? – Absolum and Scheeren (Comment on #320)

Brain monitoring

322- Identifying and quantifying main components of physiological noise in functional near infrared spectroscopy on the prefrontal cortex – Kirilina et al.


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