News from our research topic on cerebral oxygenation #10

Another update regarding our research topic on cerebral oxygenation.

An eleventh paper now available at Frontiers in Physiology !

Effect of acute resistance exercise on carotid artery stiffness and cerebral blood flow pulsatility by Wesley Lefferts, Jacqueline Augustine and Kevin Heffernan

Go have a look !


Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #68

Water immersion and the brain

338- Cardiovascular responses to water immersion in humans: Impact on cerebral perfusion – Carter et al.

Cerebrovascular function

339- Cerebral vasomotor reactivity and risk of mortality: the Rotterdam Study – Portegies et al.

Hemodilution and the brain

340- The mechanism of increased blood flow in the brain and spinal cord during hemodilution – Crystal et al.


Program of the International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) – #EB2014

The program of the International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) is now known ! This program is very exciting !! Several world renowned researchers in cerebrovascular physiology will be in San Diego !

Please click on the link below to have a look at the different symposium and titles of posters that will be presented at this meeting.

International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation Final Program

Will you be in San Diego ??

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #67

Brain monitoring

332- Transcranial Doppler after traumatic brain injury: is there a role? Bouzat et al.

333- Transcranial Doppler to Measure Cerebral Blood Flow in Delirium Superimposed on Dementia. A Cohort Study – Caplan et

Hyperthermia and the brain

334- Effects of short-term environmental hyperthermia on patterns of cerebral blood flow. – Qian et al.

Nitrite and the brain

335- Role of nitrite in regulation of fetal cephalic circulation in sheep – Truong et al.

Vasopressors and the brain

336- Assessing the effects of norepinephrine on single cerebral microvessels using optical-resolution photoacoustic microscope – Liu et al.

Exercise and the brain

337- Is recovery driven by central or peripheral factors? A role for the brain in recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise – Minett and Duffield