Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #61

Circulation arrest and the brain

305- Cerebral blood flow autoregulation is preserved after hypothermic circulatory arrest – Ono et al.

Hypertension and the brain

306- Assessment of cerebral oxygenation oscillations in subjects with hypertension – Li et al.

Brain monitoring

307- Using bispectral index and cerebral oximetry to guide hemodynamic therapy in high-risk surgical patients – Bidd et al.

Energy drinks and the brain

308- Cardio- and cerebrovascular responses to the energy drink Red Bull in young adults: a randomized cross-over study – Grasser et al.

Spinal cord injury and the brain

309- Regional neurovascular coupling and cognitive performance in those with low blood pressure secondary to high-level spinal cord injury: improved by alpha-1 agonist midodrine hydrochloride – Phillips et al.


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