Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #51

Brain hemodynamics

234- Time-Varying Modeling of Cerebral Hemodynamics – Marmarelis et al.

Cardiopulmonary bypass and the brain

235- Normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass increases cerebral tissue oxygenation during combined valve surgery: a single-centre, randomized trial – Lenkin et al.

Brain perfusion pressure

236- Brief report: a comparison of clinical and research practices in measuring cerebral perfusion pressure: a literature review and practitioner survey – Kosty et al.

Cerebrovascular reactivity

237- Cerebrovascular reactivity in the brain white matter: magnitude, temporal characteristics, and age effects – Thomas et al.

Brain autoregulation

238- Reproducibility and variability of dynamic cerebral autoregulation during passive cyclic leg raising – Elting et al.

239- Dynamic cerebral autoregulation after bed rest: effects of volume loading and exercise countermeasures – Jeong et al.

Aging and the brain

240- Total cerebral blood flow and mortality in old age: A 12-year follow-up study – Sabayan et al.

Altitude and the brain

241- Cerebral pressure-flow relationship in lowlanders and natives at high altitude – Smirl et al.

Cardiac arrest and theb

242- Effects of Viscosity on Cerebral Blood Flow After Cardiac Arrest – Bisschops et al.

Sepsis and the brain

243- Lipopolysaccharide infusion enhances dynamic cerebral autoregulation without affecting cerebral oxygen vasoreactivity in healthy volunteers – Berg et al.

244- Sepsis Is Associated With Altered Cerebral Microcirculation and Tissue Hypoxia in Experimental Peritonitis – Taccone et al.

One-lung ventilation and the brain

245- Cerebral oxygen desaturation during one-lung ventilation: correlation with hemodynamic variables – Brinkman et al.


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