Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #25

Stroke and the brain

106- Does stroke subtype and measurement technique influence estimation of cerebral autoregulation in acute ischaemic stroke – Saeed et al.

Cardiopulmonary bypass and the brain

107- Continuous cerebrovascular reactivity monitoring and autoregulation monitoring identify similar lower limits of autoregulation in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass – Blaine Easley et al.

Dehydration and the brain

108- Effect of dehydration on cerebrovascular control during standing after heavy resistance exercise – Moralez et al.

The aging brain

109- Your ageing brain: the lows and highs of cerebral metabolism – Ainslie and Bailey

Vasodilators, vasopressors and the brain

110- Middle cerebral oxygen delivery during the modified oxford maneuver increases with sodium nitroprusside and decreases during phenylephrine – Stewart et al.


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