Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #19

Syncope and the brain

74- Cerebral critical closing pressure and CO2 responses during the progression towards syncope – Zuj et al.

Hypergravity and the brain

75- The relationship between brain cortical activity and brain oxygenation in the prefrontal cortex during hypergravity exposure – Smith et al.

Brain blood flow variability

76- Interindividual relationships between blood pressure and cerebral blood flow variability in the presence of intact and blunted cerebrovascular control – Tzeng and MacRae

Brain monitoring

77- Transcranial Doppler ultrasound: technique and application – Purkayastha and Sorond

78- Cerebral oximetry to adjust cerebral and systemic circulation after cardiac arrest – Taccone et al.

Antihypertensive drugs and the brain

78- Antihypertensive therapy and cerebral hemodynamics in executive mild cognitive impairment: Results of a pilot randomized clinical trial – Hajjar et al.

COPD and the brain

80- Additive effects of non-invasive ventilation to hyperoxia on cerebral oxygenation in COPD patients with exercise-related O2 desaturation – Rodrigues et al.


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