Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #16

Brain monitoring

56- Cerebral near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring and neurologic outcomes in adult cardiac surgery Patients: A systematic review – Zheng et al.


57- Effects of indomethacin test on intracranial pressure and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with refractory intracranial hypertension: a feasibility study – Godoy et al.

Heat and the brain

58- The magnitude of heat stress-induced reductions in cerebral perfusion does not predict heat stress-induced reductions in tolerance to a simulated hemorrhage – Lee et al.

59- Influence of heat stress and exercise intensity on vastus lateralis muscle and prefrontal cortex oxygenation – Périard et al.

Brain oxygenation

60- Increased intrathoracic pressure affects cerebral oxygenation following cardiac surgery – Pedersen et al.


61- Closed-loop dynamic modeling of cerebral hemodynamics – Marmarelis et al.

Cerebral autoregulation

62- Blood pressure excursions below the cerebral autoregulation threshold during cardiac surgery are associated with acute kidney injury – Ono et al.

63- Cerebral autoregulation and acute ischemic stroke – Jordan and Powers

Obesity and the brain

64- Obesity interacts with cerebral hypoperfusion to exacerbate cognitive impairment in older adults with heart failure – Alosco et al.

Exercise and the brain

65- Impact of a physical activity program on cerebral vasoreactivity in sedentary elderly people – Vicente-Campos et al.


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