Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #18

Pregnancy and the brain

71- The adaptation of the cerebral circulation to pregnancy: mechanisms and consequences – Cipolla

Orthostatic stress and the brain

72- Cerebral hypoperfusion modifies the respiratory chemoreflex during orthostatic stress – Ogoh et al.

Brain oxygenation

73- Impact of stepwise hyperventilation on cerebral tissue oxygen saturation in anesthetized patients: a mechanistic study – Alexander et al.


Cerebrovascular physiology links

Dear readers, I have decided to create a new page called Cerebrovascular physiology links (next to the About page). I hope that you will find this information valuable.

The first two entries are related to cerebral autoregulation. Go have a look!

1. CARNet – Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network

2. Cerebral autoregulation

If you have any suggestions regarding interesting websites or ressources related to cerebrovascular physiology, just let me know !

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #17

Brain blood flow

66- One of these things is not like the other: the heterogeneity of the cerebral circulation – Schlader et al.

Cardiac resynchronisation therapy and the brain

67- Early haemodynamic changes in cerebral blood flow after cardiac resynchronisation therapy – Ozdemir et al.

Exercise and the brain

68- Maintained cerebrovascular function during post-exercise hypotension – Willie et al.

Blood pressure and the brain

69- Pharmacological blood pressure lowering in the older hypertensive patients may lead to cognitive impairment by altering neurovascular coupling – Alrawi et al.

Control of brain blood flow

70- The interaction of carbon dioxide and hypoxia in the control of cerebral blood flow – Mardimae et al.

Cerebrovascular physiology online journal club

I was wondering if anyone following this blog would be interested in joining an online journal club where we could discuss papers related to cerebrovascular physiology?

I haven’t thought about the details yet, but with positive answers from you, I could start working on a game plan…

We would also need to choose the best medium to do it. Twitter? Google + Hangout? Any other ideas?

Just let me know if you think it’s a good idea.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

Cerebrovascular physiology – article alert #16

Brain monitoring

56- Cerebral near-infrared spectroscopy monitoring and neurologic outcomes in adult cardiac surgery Patients: A systematic review – Zheng et al.


57- Effects of indomethacin test on intracranial pressure and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with refractory intracranial hypertension: a feasibility study – Godoy et al.

Heat and the brain

58- The magnitude of heat stress-induced reductions in cerebral perfusion does not predict heat stress-induced reductions in tolerance to a simulated hemorrhage – Lee et al.

59- Influence of heat stress and exercise intensity on vastus lateralis muscle and prefrontal cortex oxygenation – Périard et al.

Brain oxygenation

60- Increased intrathoracic pressure affects cerebral oxygenation following cardiac surgery – Pedersen et al.


61- Closed-loop dynamic modeling of cerebral hemodynamics – Marmarelis et al.

Cerebral autoregulation

62- Blood pressure excursions below the cerebral autoregulation threshold during cardiac surgery are associated with acute kidney injury – Ono et al.

63- Cerebral autoregulation and acute ischemic stroke – Jordan and Powers

Obesity and the brain

64- Obesity interacts with cerebral hypoperfusion to exacerbate cognitive impairment in older adults with heart failure – Alosco et al.

Exercise and the brain

65- Impact of a physical activity program on cerebral vasoreactivity in sedentary elderly people – Vicente-Campos et al.