Are you writing letters to the editor?

I have already discussed that issue in previous posts (here and here). Now that we have access to social media to discuss science, does the submission of letters to the editor is still worth?  Should we take more of our time to scan the literature related to our area of expertise and be active in post-publication discussion through the official route ? Or should we simply write posts on our respective blog or comments on twitter? Personally, I find unfortunate the fact that after having worked several months/years on a study and published a manuscript, I cannot further discuss the paper (response to a letter to the editor or ecomment) after its publication…

Are you writing letters to the editor ?

If the answer is no, why?

If the answer is yes, why?



2 thoughts on “Are you writing letters to the editor?

  1. My boss has written a few letters to the editor, the most recent was to explain that a particular antibody that they previously made in the lab may not be the best way to assay for a protein. The antibody recognizes a non-specific band at the approximate molecular weight as the intended antigen does. That means that he sees a band even in a patient cell line that is deficient for the protein, for which they later used in depth mass spectrometry analysis to determine what it was. So I guess he writes to clear up the literature and the appropriateness of particular reagents, especially any of the ones that he has developed.

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