Repost – To review or not to review…manuscripts outside your research expertise?

This is a repost, with minor language modifications, from 2 years back.

I have been initiated pretty early, by my PhD supervisor, to reviewing manuscript. So, I guess it is not surprising that I have reviewed over 100 manuscripts to date.  I have often accepted to review manuscripts not directly related to my area of expertise (as a student, I had more time).

Some months ago, I reviewed such a manuscript… I worked hard and thought that I did a good job, until I received an email from the editor with the decision, including reviews from all referees…

Geez, Reviewer #2 looks like a junior!

Actually, Reviewer #2 was me ! That situation made me think: Should I continue to accept reviewing manuscripts outside my research interests*, now that I am in the beginning of my second year as an assistant professor, with a busier schedule compared to when I was a PhD student ?

What about you, dear readers? Are you accepting to review manuscripts that are not directly in your field of interest?

I am looking forward to reading your comments !


*Since the publication of that post, I started to review fewer manuscripts outside my area of expertise.


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