One step forward, two steps back (Part II)

I was still on paternity leave when I received the good news by email:

I got my FRSQ (now FRQS) Research Scholar Junior 1 !

For your information, below is the description of this career award:

“This program is designed to facilitate the recruitment of qualified researchers who would like to begin or continue an independent career in health-care research. The FRSQ hopes in this way to promote continuity in health research in Québec and ensure that high-calibre scientists are available to meet the needs of universities, hospitals and industries”

I will thus be able to start my new research program in cerebrovascular physiology. Yay!

That was the good news…

You already know that I did not get the CIHR’s grant related to that new research program. In addition, my collaborators and I recently (read: in the last two weeks) received negative answers for 5 grant applications submitted to Danone Institute, Canadian Diabetes Assocation and CIHR…



Random thoughts of a new father #2

Dear readers,

Let me continue sharing these new experiences !

  • My wife is a Superwomen (yes, she deserves to be on top of the list again – see Random thoughts of a new father #1);
  • Before having a child, I was “only” aware of the potential impacts of a lack of sleep…now I know :-);
  • A smile from our boy can make us forget about a bad day and a lot more;
  • Exercise is pretty difficult to incorporate to the new routine…even for an exercise physiologist;
  • I did not know that I would enjoy going to bed at 19h30 !!

More to come later !