Yesterday, I received the Circulation Online Table of Contents Alert and noticed the following:

Circulation Topic Review
Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation in Circulation and the Circulation Subspecialty Journals
The Editors
Circulation 2012;125 e419-e426

The following articles are being highlighted as part of Circulation’s Topic Review series. This series will summarize the most important manuscripts, as selected by the editors, published in Circulation and the Circulation subspecialty journals. The studies included in this article represent the articles related to exercise physiology and rehabilitation that were published in Circulation and its subspecialty journals in 2010 and 2011.

I was a bit intrigued and thus I had a look at these articles. To my great surprise, our manuscript published in Circulation Heart Failure (discussed in a previous post) has been selected by the editors !

I needed to share this good news !


Upcoming weeks

We are still waiting for mini-physiologiste to arrive ! We hope that it will be a matter of hours… You can imagine that the upcoming weeks will be quiet at Le Physiologiste. Still, I will try to highlight, once in a while, physiology news/issues/papers that could be of interest to you dear readers.

Eventually, I would also like, in addition to presenting new research in physiology (including my own research), to discuss landmark studies in integrative physiology (related to VO2max, maximal exercise cardiac output, functional sympatholysis, etc). Indeed, although it is interesting and exciting to look at the latest published results, it is equally important to remember where it all started. For example, one study I have in mind is that one from Andersen and Saltin.

So although it will be quiet for some time, I will prepare interesting posts and should be more active in May !