Don’t miss CSEP – SCPE 2011!!!

If you are interested in physiology, you cannot miss the upcoming Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology annual meeting. Amazing topics will be covered by speakers from around the world…et Québec est la plus belle ville au monde !

Have a look at preliminary symposia topics and keynote speakers and make sure to join us in October !


4 thoughts on “Don’t miss CSEP – SCPE 2011!!!

  1. Will there be any opportunities for live-blogging at the conference (e.g. wifi)? Mary and I exchanged emails about it earlier this year, but we haven’t discussed it since. Blogging CON earlier this year was a lot of fun and I know that they were very pleased with the extra exposure it gave them.

    There will be a fair number of bloggers there (yourself, Richard Larouche, possibly Danielle Bouchard & Martin Senechal, me, etc) and I’m definitely up for it if it’s feasible.

    1. I hope so ! I know that wifi is accessible at the convention center. However, I don’t know if we can have free access. I will discuss that issue with my colleague in charge of the meeting organization.

      That would definitely be cool!

  2. You’ve got a great line up there, Patrice! And a couple of your speakers are some of my very favorite physiologist friends. Good luck with your meeting!

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