Links of interest (August 22-25, 2011)

Dear readers, here is another way to share my interest for physiology with you !

One day per week, I will post links of research articles and stories related to cerebrovascular physiology, exercise physiology and more general information related to the research world.

These posts will appear every Friday, except for this “grande première” which appears today.

Let’s get started !

  • An interesting illustrated guide to a Ph.D. (Matt Might)
  • A discussion about the consequences of blogging under one’s own name  (Respectful Insolence) and the value of pseudonyms (Aetiology)
  • A study reporting that intraoperative cerebral oxygen desaturation is associated with early and late postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients (de Tournay-Jetté et al.)
  • A paper recently published by my good friend and colleague Annie Ferland that reviews the clinical and experimental evidence regarding reversal of the metabolic complications related to the metabolic syndrome that follows a sustained weight loss (Ferland and Eckel)

Don’t miss CSEP – SCPE 2011!!!

If you are interested in physiology, you cannot miss the upcoming Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology annual meeting. Amazing topics will be covered by speakers from around the world…et Québec est la plus belle ville au monde !

Have a look at preliminary symposia topics and keynote speakers and make sure to join us in October !

Grand retour

This is it…vacation is over ! Now, it is time to get back to good habits:

  • read interesting cerebrovascular physiology related papers;
  • work on grant applications;
  • schedule and prepare lab meetings and journal clubs;
  • work on grant applications;
  • work on papers to be submitted/answers to reviewers;
  • work on grant applications;
  • prepare upcoming classes;
  • work on grant applications;
  • organize symposium for upcoming meetings;
  • work on grant applications…

These upcoming weeks should be busy!

What about yours ? How was your return to work after some days/weeks off (if any)?